Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It was good to see so many of Sam's regulars giving support to Patty today. It was especially nice to see Chuck and Joe , who came in from out-of-state . Patty must be very tired, but she was gracious to everyone and seemed well. We all spent time looking at Charlie's old photos and learning a little more about this special man. Here's a true story that even made Patty laugh. Laura and I were admiring the beautiful flower arrangements when Laura asked me why the banner on the coffin said "farmer"; had Charlie been a farmer? Is that why one of the arrangements said "Lanham Beans" ? I said I didn't think so. Turns out that from Laura's viewpoint the sentiment "I love you forever" looked like "I love you farmer" !

Bill White recalled one of Charlie's favorite stories he liked to tell about himself, and you can just hear Charlie telling it and laughing. Charlie had been in some sort of trouble and his mother must have been frustrated with him. She shook her finger at Charlie and said, "Your father has two assholes, and you are one of them!" Ah, we miss your sense of humor already, Charlie.

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