Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bill called to say that his Dad's health has taken a turn for the worse. He and his two brothers are leaving this evening to drive down to Florida  to be with him.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill and his family. Hope your trip is safe.

Bill also wanted to remind everyone that his wife, Janice, has $5 tickets for the all-you-can-eat benefit breakfast at Applebee's. It will be held this Saturday from 8-10 am, proceeds go to the Ravens Roost. You can email me if you need Janice's phone number.

I am attending a class this week, so I hope to see everyone on Sunday.  Stay well!

And I corrected an error.....Jeff plunged into the Atlantic, not the Bay.  Brrrr either way, Jeff! Thanks for your contribution to the Special Olympics program.

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