Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on Gladys

Thanks to Gladys' daughter, Jackie, for calling Patty, who called me. The surgery went very well. Only one lymph node reacted to the dye, and that node was also removed. Remarkably, Gladys will be back home tomorrow! If you would like to send her some wishes, her address is:

Mrs. Gladys Tittsworth
12 A Maple Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228

My parents and I flew to Jackson, MS and drove down to Natchez for Dad's Navy reunion today. My room overlooks the Mississippi River and the weather is sunny and warm. Thanks to Don for the ride to the airport. It was eventful for me getting out of the house. We lost power around 2 am when a car accident caused power lines to come down on Rolling Road. I have never packed by candlelight before (yes, I know, you non-procrastinators would have packed days ago). Power is still out at home at 6 pm, which I am sure affected the installation of our new floor and the state of food in the freezer.

Doug, were you riding your bike last evening in the dark? Thought I saw you on Frederick Road and later again on S, Rolling. You seemed to be everywhere!

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