Tuesday, May 26, 2009

  • Evening outing...meet us on Saturday, June 6th, to kick off the free Lurman Theater Season at 6 pm with the Catonsville Steel Drum Band. Bring lawn chairs, we will sit in the back.
  • Glad to see Jack back and feeling much better.
  • Discussed need for a new curse word as current words are so overused that they are no longer effective. Suggestions welcome.
  • Talked about using Twitter and we successfully posted a tweet to the blog while sitting at Sam's (talk about new words, these didn't even exist a few years ago). Now we can remember all of those jokes!
  • I received something weird in the mail....scripts from Center Stage with a post-it memo to Sue from Irene. I am curious about who she thinks I am and what I am supposed to do with them.
  • Doug saw "Star Trak" ([t's Star Trek) and commented that he thought "Zulu" was hot. Turns out that Doug thought "Sulu" (a guy) was the beautiful Lt. Uhura. And you call yourself a Trekkie!
  • Congratulations to Andy and family on the graduation of their daughter from college.

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