Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow and Ice

I showed Sarah helping set up for her party. Here she is all dressed up for her special night.
The bagel bunch in their fancy duds after dark!

So another birthday has come and gone, and I had a lovely day. Thanks to everyone for the wishes, cards and trinkets. Haven't made it to Sam's all week due to the weather and crazy work schedule. Several folks have been sick with either a head cold or stomach virus, hope all are feeling better.

  • Thoughts go out to Pat R on her big Florida adventure. Make it home safely. We miss you.

  • Gladys and Jack had the very good news that granddaughter Beth had a good checkup from her cardiologist.

In a discussion on identity protection, Bill T was discussing technology about retinal scans. Well, he meant retinal, but said "rectal", which is an entirely new level of security.

Got to work before 7:30, just in time to catch the sunrise reflecting off of the icy snow.

My team leader, Gina, and I share the same birthday.

(We really worked hard other than this photo op, I swear)

Thanks to Katelyn for the surprise bouquet! Lovely.

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