Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday Morning

  • We had a good turn-out on Thursday morning for the Catonsville Times reporter, Kevin, and photographer, Sarah. They were both very professional and kind. It will be interesting to see what they gleaned from our conversation. The article is scheduled to apear in the paper next week.
  • I missed part of the conversation when I discovered that I had a flat tire. Thanks to everyone who helped get the first tire off and put on the temporary tire. Thanks also to Mom and Dad who got the car to Mr. Tire for me just before the rains began.

  • Can't believe I missed taking a photo of Kevin and Sarah.....must have gotten off track with the flat tire adventure.

  • Saw Jeff coming into Sam's as we were all leaving. I told Jeff that he had missed being interviewed. He said he hadn't missed it, he was having lunch with Sarah the photographer!
The Foster gang and friends on Sunday

Foster Gang and Friends

Don shares another theory of how the world works.

Laura and Don trade some verbal barbs.

Jo and Dave drop by.

Dimitri brings Laura a mysterious box from the back room.

It's a small world: Sharon, Pat and Kathy.
Sharon and Kathy are sisters. Sharon and Pat used to be next-door neighbors. Kathy's and Sue's kids played in a quartet together in school and are good friends. All meet accidentally at Sam's.

Don says goodbye to "his gal" on the way to Florida for several weeks.
He took the auto train down to visit with his in-laws on Thursday.
(Sing this to the tune of Frere Jacques:)
Don is gone,
Don is gone,
For two weeks.
For two weeks,
Maybe we will miss him,
Maybe we will miss him,
Maybe not,
Maybe not.

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