Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

Hope that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did!

Sarah, Paul and Katelyn relax after dinner

Always too much delicious food to eat.

John celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his beautiful wife.

The table decorations were beautiful. Jean and Paul hosted the family celebration.

Peggy was in today while visiting from Florida, it was great to see her. She reported that Gwen is in the hospital back in Florida for an undiagnosed illness. We all send our get well wishes to her.

Jack turns 80 years old today! He and Gladys stopped in for coffee on their way out to spend some time with their daughter, Cindy.

Glenn and Zach showed up, and Glenn was discussing politics. He looks and sounds better every day. Glenn had sent an email to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving. He shared a most unusual concept: "Two women sitting together, quietly".

Doug recalled going to Lane Bryant to buy a gift for his wife on their first Christmas. He said he tried to describe his petite wife to the saleslady and came home with a garment way TOO big. All these years later, the incident has not been forgotten in his home. Bill W. said he went out to get his wife a 2 x 2, but she really needed a 4 x 4!

Thanks to all of our friends at Sam's for making us laugh.

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