Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Glenn's Back!

  • The BIG news is that Glenn is back! Welcome back, Glenn! Lolly brought him in yesterday on his way to get a sexy new haircut.
  • Kevin's article is due out in the Catonsville Times today, so check it out. I will be in Chicago so please save a copy for me.
  • On a sad note, the Foster's friend, Vicky, a gentle lady who always wore a different hat, passed away this week. We are sorry for your loss. She came to Sam's to see the Fosters and other friends two Sundays ago; I left before she arrived and missed getting her in a photo. Sadly, she was too weak to make it back into her home after breakfast and was hospitalized; she never left the hospital again. Sam's was the last place she visited. The sense of community found in a bagel shop is powerful; don't take for granted laughing over a cup of coffee with your friends.
  • Be good, have fun and I will see you next week.
Welcome back, Glenn! You look great and we were so glad to see you!
Joe and Bill

What a terrific surprise when Doug brought Glenn to Sam's.

Dimitri took this photo of Doug from behind.

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