Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Just a Spoonful of Sugar

I had several medical appointments today. While I am fine, I will be giving up caffeine and soda and foods made with white flour. Kind of zapped my motivation for hanging out in a bagel shop so often! During that seemingly endless time spent waiting on the exam table for the doctor, I found an article about laughter being the best medicine for one's health. The researchers found that even ANTICIPATING that something would be funny reduced levels of three stress hormones:
  • Cortisol, a major stress hormone, dipped 39%
  • Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, dropped 70%
  • Dopac, a chemical related to the feel-good chemical dopamine, dropped 38%

So now I still have a reason to stop by and laugh. It's good for my health! And if you are feeling stressed, simply think about these good things......

  • Bill T's long list of Snapple trivia questions, thrown into any conversation whether related or not..... do you know how many vocal cords a cat has?
  • Doug's torn pants or shaving-creamed ears or lost glasses/wallet/keys.
  • Gladys and Jack in their rocking chairs
  • Bill W's jokes, jokes, jokes
  • Laura's new tricked-out Honda
  • Dr. Mike's forays into Internet dating
  • Don's boxers and kilts and Speedos, oh my!
  • Alicia's flowers from her new beau
  • Allison's new apartment
  • Jean and Paul's trip to Lexington, KY
  • Bill S's trip to Gatlinburg, TN
  • Patty wanting to smack Doug and Alicia offering to hold him for her!
  • Pat enjoying her renovated home
  • Lois and Gene winning big money at Delaware Downs
  • Glenn in his LAST WEEK of treatment, he's in the home stretch! Come back soon. It will be good for your recovery to laugh with us. We really do miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly you need to try Sams whole wheat bagels!!
Glad the medical appointments are good.