Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Carwash With Bagel

Hi everyone,
Found my long lost camera cable the camera bag where I thought it was all along. Thanks to St. Anthony, I finally recognized the cable and can finally post a month's worth of photos. Hope you enjoy them!
Is Dimitri onto a new marketing tactic?

Another Sunday crowd

Everyone is glad to see Glenn out and about in August

Doug and Harold discuss the news

Don gets a birthday spanking from Doug

Gladys and Jack talk with Gene, who is recovering well

Can you believe this is where Don carries a photo of his grandson?

Don and Bill solving the world's problems

Did you know Sam's was located on historic Frederick Road?

Glenn, Max, and Doug coloring in July
Dimitri parks so Doug can't get into his car

Joe is recovering from emergency heart bypass surgery

Doug's very bad parking job

The three Bill's

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn,
We all miss you and send you our love. Feel better each day and hurry back to the Bagel Bunch.