Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Gladys

The Bagel Bunch sings to Gladys

Andrea's last week

Gladys celebrated her birthday today. Best wishes! I wanted to find a miniature rocking chair for her but had no luck. She was celebrating with her family later today. Gladys got teased because she mentioned that she had moved Jack's rocking chair from the porch into the bedroom. She claimed it was so he could sit comfortably to put his shoes on. However, Jack missed and fell, sending one of the rockers through the wall. Poor Gladys was teased with other people's version of the incident. (see previous post, "If the chairs are rocking, don't come knocking").

Speaking of rocking chairs, the Little Sisters of the Poor is having a fund raiser this Saturday from 10 t0 2 where one sponsors people to ......rock. We have encouraged Glayds and Jack to volunteer given their rocking chair expertise!

Bill had fake amputated fingers to scare the ladies. It worked! He also told a story of showing his neighbor his Speedo by pulling his boxers down. Unfortunately, the suit had dry rot and had disintegrated, exposing Bill from the back. Most of us thought this was even scarier!

Andrea has her last week of work, All of Sam's regulars wish her the best.

I will be away for the next two weekends, so be good. This means I will probably miss the running of the chairs for the 4th of July parade, alas. Stay safe and have some laughs for me!


Anonymous said...

Well it is nicer to know that Jack and Gladys are being a little less of exhibitionists in their rocking chairs.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Gladys from Summerland Key, FL. Hope you have a great year.Sorry I missed the fun.Pat R.