Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Sunday in June

  • Big crowd this morning at Sam's. Pat's home construction project has finally been completed and signed off. Pat said she will invite all of us over to see the results one weekend when her daughter and son-in-law are away.
  • Dr. Mike was making plans to have Alicia take him and his family sailing around the Inner Harbor in July.
  • Talk of Senior Week reminded Jack of the time he ran away from home as a teen to work at the ocean back in the 1940's. They worked for 75 cents an hour and all the fruit they could eat. One day, Jack and his friend were sitting in rocking chairs on a hotel porch (again with the rocking chairs) when a detective hired by Jack's mom sat between them. The detective showed Jack's friend his photo and asked if he knew him. Of course, the friend said "no". The detective never noticed Jack was sitting next to him, maybe because he had bleached his hair blond.
  • Congratulations to Don on the birth of his new grandchild, everyone is doing well. (I forgot to ask what the baby's name is, I know it begins with "Ch" .) However, Don reports that 2 year old Cheney is not taking kindly to this newest addition.
  • Everyone recalled taking their driver's ed test or teaching someone else to drive. Poor Gladys had to take her test with a broken clutch on the streets of Baltimore. She made it up the hill after stopping at the sign, but missed parallel parking by two inches. Bill said his grandmother was asked, "If you are approaching a railroad crossing and a train is coming, who crosses?" She answered, "Whoever gets there first", and had to wait 60 days before taking the test again. Alicia and her twin sister were getting permits in the State of New York. The computer system crashed between the time that her sister got a permit, right before Alicia's turn. Her mom waited 8 hours for the system to work and for Alicia to get her permit, knowing she couldn't go home with only one 16-year-old twin able to drive. Her mother noted that it did not take that long to give birth to them! Sue recalled that her mom didn't say a lot, but she hit the imaginary brake so often Sue nicknamed her "Thumper". Bill said that after having his son sit in the front seat and watch traffic as if he were driving for a week, his son decided to wait until he turned 18. Many thanks to all of the parents who attempt this nerve-wracking job!
Catonsville High Steel Drum Band opens the Lurman Woodland Theater Concert Series

Paul and Nick head off to Senior Week "downy ocean". Prayers welcome.

Pat presented Doug with his personal plastic knife.

While in Chicago, this place made me think of Don. I wonder why.......

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