Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Catonsville resident Andrew Broadwater performs in a Mother's Day recital at St. Peter's Church. Andrew is currently attending the Peabody Institute.

  • Alicia reported that Sam's tradition continues, although she combined having someone fall into the drink with a rescue. When sailing this week, she got to yell "man overboard #@*^" and singlehandedly pulled her friend from the harbor back into the sailboat. He was OK (other than an atomic wedgie), but Alicia ached all over the next day. So if any of Sam's folks are headed for the water, beware.....these things can happen in threes.

  • Bill T. was sporting his newly inked dragon tattoo on his right arm. He had protected it from his coat by rubbing diaper rash ointment on it, then wrapping it in plastic wrap. He explained how he goes by Bill everywhere except at work, where he is known by his legal first name, George. Said it causes some confusion when the work people call his house, ask for George, and hear someone yell, "Bill, it's for you!".

  • Hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day. Stay dry in the monsoon-like weather today!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the Sams Moms!!!