Monday, May 5, 2008

Blue Ribbons on Frederick Road

Bill T. asked me about all of the blue ribbons turning up recently. For more information, go to Craig's blog at

You may have noticed the dozens of Baby Blue Ribbons that are tied to the fronts of businesses along Frederick Rd. and homes throughout the surrounding community. These purpose of these ribbons, is to call attention to and show support for a wonderful family that lives here in Catonsville and comfort them during this terrible time.

Scott and Amy Morses' four month old son, Jeremy, was hospitalized on 4/1/08. While in the ER to treat dehydration, Jeremy went into cardiac arrest and was placed on life support.

Please see for permanent postings of information and events about Jeremy, like the upcoming blood drives, donation information, etc.

A Message from Scott & Amy:

What began as a visit to alleviate dehydration and to rule out any complications as a precaution, quickly changed to our worst nightmare. Jeremy went into cardiac arrest for one hour and was placed on an ECMO machine for life support. Looking back we are thankful to have had the insight to bring him to Hopkins where he has received the best care in the world. Jeremy has been held in the palm of the Lord's hand, he has the best medical team, and the love and support of so many. Jeremy has survived the first 48 hours post cardiac arrest and as of now we have been asked to take it one minute, one hour, one challenge at a time. Anything can happen, but we choose to remain hopeful that he WILL survive. Please pray for our son and share our story with as many people as you can. We know the Lord will hear our prayers. We know that Jeremy's life is in his hands.


This is a temporary page dedicated to my critically ill son, Jeremy Morse, with information about contacts and events.
For more information about Jeremy, visit

We are incredibly appreciative and thankful of all of the love, care, support, and encouragement of family, friends, and strangers, who are supporting us through this very difficult time!

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