Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Field Trip" Next Saturday, February 23

Hi everyone. You are welcome to join us on our "field trip" to the Grove Cafe next Saturday morning at 8 am. We are meeting Dr. Mike there once a month to save him the bike ride. See you there!

Harold celebrated his birthday yesterday. We had a delectable dinner at La Travola in Little Italy with friends, Doug and Marcia. He got a special gift, a new Hewlett-Packard computer with a 22" flat screen. When he sets it up, I will be tempted to view the blog on the big screen. Happy Birthday!

Bill White drove his prize 1994 Jaguar up to Sam's this morning. Bill is the consummate collector and appreciates many of the finer things in life. See this fabulous car below.

I noticed that I was seated at a table at Sam's that had a McCain bumper sticker. There are so many opportunities in our society to debate politics and so few chances to enjoy a hearty laugh with good friends. .....I have decided to keep the blog apolitical and not publish any political cartoons or opinions. It's good to be the blog administrator!
Both Don and Bill T. were sporting striped shirts today and discussed how it is rare to find men's shirts with vertical stripes that might make one look taller and thinner. Can add stripes now to the discussion of manly kilts, underwear, outerwear, swimwear, ironing jeans and overwear. The women were discussing HD television and Blue Ray technology, and I realized the women discuss clothing much less often than the men at Sam's.

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Mike said...

A field trip! Gimme a break, now I'm going completely mental, I must say.