Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not Good News

Patty and Charlie

Gladys and Jack

  • Well, it truly is not easy to write this. Our good old friend, Charlie, is losing his long and courageous battle against illness. He is unconscious now (a blessing because he has been suffering). He is on a ventilator, both kidneys have ceased to work, he has pneumonia.... if he survives tonight, he will be moved into "Comfort Care" or hospice tomorrow. The doctor feels there is little hope for recovery and that the end will come in hours or days. Charlie's own father was hospitalized yesterday in the Laurel Hospital with pneumonia, so this is a doubly stressful (unbearable) time for his family. Patty is a strong, brave woman, but I can't imagine how she is holding up. She appreciates all of our thoughts and prayers.
  • Jack went to see the doctor yesterday and learned that his pulse was extremely slow. So he is having a pacemaker implanted this evening. Jack is at St. Agnes Hospital and should be home on Friday. Good news here is that his successful surgery should make many of his symptoms disappear. Thoughts and prayers go out to Gladys and Jack tonight too.


Alicia said...

Charlie and Patty as such good people. I hope that whatever the best outcome is that that is what occurs. You two are in my prayers

Jack- Have a heart, you have to keep pace with your wife. I'm sure your surgery will be good and a complete recovery is in the works for you. Consider this my heartfelt best wishes on a fast recovery.

Anonymous said...

sue, maybe we should start a directory with names, addresses and phone #'s? do you have charlie and patty's? thx, glenn

Sue said...

Hi Glenn,
This blog does not have a restricted membership, meaning anyone can read its contents. For Patty's privacy, I am reluctant to publish any contact info here online. Your directory idea is a good one, however. I will email you Patty's info.