Saturday, November 10, 2007

Charlie's Back!

This morning's group was happily surprised from a visit by Charlie and Patty. Charlie is navigating around with a walker and even got a few zingers off at Don. Everyone was zinging Don this morning, probably because he is headed off to Florida next week and we won't have that pleasure for awhile.

I think I need to start digital recordings to capture the conversation at Sam's. I can't quite get the ebb and flow of the witticisms with the little memory I have left. Anyway, Alicia stated that she felt better after her coffee this morning, and Pat pointed out that laughter is great for the immune system. So thanks for my immunity boost everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Charlie. You have the dubious distinction of having been a guest in most of Baltimore's best hospitals. You should rate them in terms of knowledge and efficiency for those of us who will need this information in the future. Don't lose your sense of humor and visit Sam's regularly. Will see you tomorrow.