Sunday, November 25, 2007

After Thanksgiving

Dana and Jeff

Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday! We were very grateful to be together and enjoyed seeing Katelyn, in from Columbia College of Chicago. Devoured my Mom's specialties including oyster stuffing, creme-de-menthe parfaits, and peanut soup in addition to the traditional favorites. We played a hilarious game of Balderdash where one makes up definitions for real words. What is your definition for "funting"? "Wikicup"?

Scott was in on Black Friday after his first (and last) experience with 6 am bargain-hunting. He realized he was way too late to carry out a new TV when a woman elbowed him in the back and yelled at him to get out of the way. He was happy to make it out alive with a new drill as a consolation prize. He also reported that his sweet potatoes were excellent and shared his recipe.

Lois and Gene finally had their construction project completed. See Pat, it may be possible that your project may soon be completed too!

Gladys and Jacks's tiny great-grand-daughter, Ava, said the last word of each line of the Thanksgiving blessing, ending with "We give thanks for everything"!

Jean came in limping after the holiday. She thinks she may have injured it while performing her lively version of the Soul-ja Boy dance for her guests. Sorry I don't have video documentation of this.

Doug reported eating three meals, ending up at Jeff's, his neighbor. He rode his bike on Thanksgiving morning in preparation for all those calories.

Laura's oil light turned on and she bought 3 quarts of oil on Thanksgiving. However, the gas station attendant said he couldn't put the oil in for her. So she drove to the Catonsville Fire Station and asked for Scott and Dana. Upon learning that they were transferred to another station, she persuaded some helpful men in blue to put the oil in for her. Our Laura is resourceful!

On Saturday, one of Sam's customers (who usually takes a table of 6 for himself) left immediately after his two small tables were pulled apart and another couple sat next to him. He did leave his newspaper for the couple. However, he didn't come back today to read his paper. I was wondering if this was just a coincidence or whether his sense of privacy had been violated. Although he has never joined our group or even smiled at us, he always sat facing us and was a fixture at Sam's. If he comes back, I decided it is time to strike up a conversation and at least find out his name.

Count your blessings as the holiday season commences!


Mike said...

That sounds like Jim. I sat with him once a year or two ago (before joining the "main table"). Well not with him exactly, but our respective tables were in very close proximity. We must reach out to him because he is quite charming, although perhaps, I fear, a bit, shall we say, erudite for our group? He sort of huffed out one morning, snorting something about Don, which if memory serves, contained the term "hot air".

Glenn said...

i think he is a hroticulturist if i remember correctly. i sat next to him on one of his first days at sam's. he was in thanksgiving morning for a few hours,

glenn said...

h o r t i c u l t u r i s t

Anonymous said...

If he is a h o r t i c u l t u r i s t. I would love to get to know him. I have a few plant questions.