Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Men's Club

Rumor has it that some of the guys decided that it was time to meet beyond the breakfast hours. The First Annual (?) Meeting of the Sam's Bagels Men's Club was held this week at Shipp's Cafe. I can't report any more as I wasn't there of course......perhaps one of the attendees can share their eye witness account. Given the attendees, I feel it would be a safe bet that something humorous or noteworthy happened!


Anonymous said...

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ananymous, of course

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Anonymous said...

The greatest excitement was that Doug wanted to order a Taylor Pork Roll sandwich because he wanted to try something new. The waitress talked him out of it. It would have been beautiful if she hadn't.

For Doug and others who might be interested -- here is some useful information about Taylor Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham) from Wikipedia:

"Taylor ham is the common name for pork roll, a food developed by John Taylor of Trenton, New Jersey, late in the 19th century.

Taylor is the brand name for pork roll made by Taylor Provisions, Inc., of Trenton. Taylor also manufactures pork roll under the Trenton brand. Trenton by Taylor has been an advertiser on the outfield wall at Mercer County Waterfront Park in Trenton since it opened in 1994. Other companies making pork roll include Kohler Provisions and Loeffler Gourmet.

The product is generally eaten sliced and grilled, like Canadian bacon. A slice fits neatly on a round roll, and it is frequently eaten as part of a breakfast sandwich, most often also including egg and cheese."

I think that it might be good on an everything bagel.

Sue said...

If the ordering of a Taylor Pork Roll was the most exciting event at the Men's Club Meeting, I am sticking with the ladies. We went to the Hippodrome for our night on the town!